i made charts about my sexual history, including things like how many people fucked while drunk, how many friends vs strangers i kissed, how good people were in relation to how well i knew them, etc, based on my list when i was at uni. i dont have them anymore, […]

there is a guy on my list, dance boy. i don’t really remember anything about him apart from we had a dance off a few times at this club i used to go to back home. i thought he was gay, but obviously not. one night he got hold of […]

so last night an old favorite pb was out again. he didnt pester me as much as last week where he was rubbing my pussy in front of everyone and pretty much fucking me at the bar. but come the end of the night he was after a bit again. […]

it is done. i have reached 100. 99 was last week and 100 was this week. they are both a little bit famous, in bands and are two of the hottest guys i have ever fucked. i had been lining it up with 100 for a while and i told […]