so being away from london, away from phone signal, away from internet has got me feeling much more pensive. been thinking about exs and me and friends. i cannot get my last ex 105 out of my head. he was my last love and also the boy that locked me […]

so it is the day after the big event. except i don’t think ours is a big event. its me, nan and mom and we just had a nice relaxing, quiet day. i got a few weird presents. like usual. which i like. when i see other people talking about […]

tuesdayso i spent the night with my ex tonight. not in that way.ex 87. we spent the night talking about our relationship and why we cant have casual sex now. i feel a bit drained. it was an emotionally difficult relationship and a lot of things went wrong for us […]

sundayso i know i missed a few days but my dad came to mine this weekend for an early christmas. was lovely. and cause of that nothing fun has happened boy wise. im currently on skype with f6. his cock is amazing. and he just made me get in the […]

so today im on the toilet blogging. it is too late reallly and i wanted an early night and i didnt do anything i planned this evening. i cancelled 123 so i could have a quiet night in preparing for christmas. but instead i went to a gig and kissed […]

tuesdaytoday was tuesday. i woke up late cause last night i was up late chatting to boys on line! 122 was meant to come over but he dissapeared. so i entertained myself with thai food, tv and chat. boring end to what started as a promising day. today has also […]

so after the drama of the weekend. it has been catching up a bit today. me and 117 chatted this morning and he told me he doesnt like his gf any more and has been broken since me and is sleeping with another girl too, but cant leave his gf […]