…did what you wanted


so i am gonna behave and do what you all want…write another post. i need to write a list of what i have been up to so i know what stories to write. maybe i can do that here. ill write all the titles and you can vote here for which i should write. i am a genius. here we go.

This One Time I…

…started with my personal trainer
…had a record weekend
…got broken by two pros
…left england with a bang
…had a threesome with a fan
…did a footy team
…played 3 boys
…had an affair
…played dares with boys
…got whipped for the first time
…thought you should know about my vegas chaos
…lived my own private revenge on my ex
…wanted to tell you my fantasies
…let something bad happen to me
…took a customer home
…got paid to have my pussy licked

ok, ok, ill stop. i cant decide where to start and am now thinking of more and more every second.

This One Time I...

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