…couldnt keep up!!

im already way behind on what ive been up to. thursday night i had a threesome with step brothers. we roleplayed me being their older sister and i controlled my naughty little brothers and used them to satisfy myself in every way possible. much dp was done. and then friday and saturday night i spent being alpha to a beautiful boy who is normally dominant but wants me to control him and use him for my pleasure. i bought a strap on especially for him and for the first time got to properly fuck someone. it was a quick learning curve for me and i spent the weekend having the best sex in the best company. i havent had that much sex with one person in such a short amount of time in years. normally i get bored after a couple of times of them cumming. or im just done. or they are out. but this time, i cant get enough. i cant keep my hands, face, tongue, pussy and dick off of him.

im doing a rape roleplay tomorrow in the woods on my walk, so that will be exciting. and hopefully im gonna have a bit of time to keep up with all my explorations on here!

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