this week i have discovered a brand new and exciting experience that i have thought would be a good idea. and worked really well. i had a boyfriend holiday. i was away at a festival the other weekend DJing and stage managing, and met a boy there, 113, on the […]

just in case you were wondering how i got on with my single plan to do list i thought id update it. not sure i have many ambitions now though. im kind of getting everything i want. 100 – yep. did. done twice since then. but i think its nearly over. […]

  so as i type, i am sitting here waiting for confirmation from the boy that it is officially over. i have actually been waiting on this for nearly a week now and have lost patience and am feeling a little over it all. so to occupy me over the […]

yesterday i realised i only have to sleep with 2 more people then my total will be 100! i thought id check my list as i knew i was getting near and i got with 3 new guys last week. i feel like it needs to be a momentous event. […]